Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hitchcock in Santa Cruz

Legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock kept a weekend home in Scotts Valley, not too far from where I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This area played a large role in Hitch's life and work, with the inspiration for the Psycho house coming from a house near Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and a story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel adding to the screenplay for The Birds.

A couple of years ago I made vlog about this, and showed the "real Psycho house", etc., but was unable to definitely locate the Scotts Valley house. Turned out, I had the right driveway, but there were three locked gates between me and my goal.

The estate has now re-opened as a fantastic winery, Heart O' the Mountain, and I've been there twice recently, and had the please of meeting Hitchcock's granddaughter and great-granddaughter at a tasting.

The first video below is a slide show tour of the winery and estate, and the second video is my original "Hitchcock's Santa Cruz" video from June 2007.

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