Friday, May 28, 2021

J.D. Chandler Takes You to Slabtown

My good friend, John (aka J.D.) Chandler passed yesterday morning.

Here are two videos I made with John, touring the sites of some of Portland's most notorious murders, burials, and hauntings:

Read more of my memories of John on my other blog...


  1. Great videos and the best way to remember John. Brought back so many memories. Those of us who were lucky enough to get a personal tour from him know these were not drive-by tours, cruising down the street, pointing and saying this happened over here and that happened over there. These were walk right up and look in the windows tours. Hands on, you are there. The kind of thing I live for. Thank you, John. Rest easy, friend.

  2. I like knowing I'll always be able to hear JD's voice. I miss him so much. RIP John. You got what you were after, you got your peace.


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