Sunday, March 29, 2020

Take it All

Badfinger's Take it All (Pete Ham) is today's #quarantinehootenanny (#12 of ???). There's a story to this song, if you care...

In 1971 Badfinger began their third album with George Harrison producing. Work on the LP stopped while George worked on the benefit Concert for Bangladesh. The guys from Badfinger were invited to be part of the house band at the all-star show.

As part of the Bangladesh concert, George would obviously play Here Comes the Sun. Not so obvious was that he decided to do it as an acoustic duo accompanied only by Badfinger's Pete Ham.

The only problem was, Pete was the rhythm guitarist (and piano). Joey Molland was lead guitar, and was upset that he was not chosen for the honor of being featured with George.

When they returned to Abbey Road to complete the album, George was busy turning Bangladesh into an LP and a film, and Todd Rundgren was brought in to produce.

This song, Take it All, was Pete's way of smoothing things over with Joey. The line, "the sun has shone on me," is in reference to Here Comes the Sun. He was telling Joey that any day, "The sun will shine on you," and reminding him of the stronger thing keeping the band together.

At least, for a few more years.

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