Friday, March 27, 2020

Nights on Broadway

Put on your dancing shoes for #quarantinehootenanny #10 of ???: The Bee Gees' Nights on Broadway (Barry, Robin, & Maurice Gibb).

I don't usually add commentary to these but here I have to. When this LP (Main Course) came out, I had serious problems with the hits it produced, including this song. I'd been raised on the "real" original Bee Gees sound (I Can't See Nobody, To Love Somebody, Run to Me, Words, Massachusetts), and "going disco" was the end of my Bee Gees fandom.

Hearing this song recently, however, made me reassess. Beyond the dark themes (stalking), it's actually a well-structured song musically, behind the disco beat, with the alternating minor and major chords, the harmonies, etc. And, sheltering-in-place, I'm just willing to give any song a shot.

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